Sunday, August 1, 2010

Week 7

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Newsletter

To save on energy, time, and our earths natural resources we will be posting our newsletter online from now on, instead of printing.  We hope this is convenient for you as well.

This week's share includes:
- kale - enjoy one of our 5 varieties of kale!
- chard 
- zucchini and/or yellow crook-neck summer squash
- cucumber - :Lemon cucumber, pickling cukes and/or Japanese soyu cucumber
- potatoes - we just love these Purple Vikings, we hope you do too!
- garlic
- tomatoes - cherry, roma and heirloom variety Black From Tula
- cut flowers - gladiolas, sunflowers, calendula and/or anise hyssop


  1. Regarding Calendula, one of the flowers in our bunches this week... "It is useful on all external skin problems and injuries but especially those that are red, tender, and oozing. It will also help to heal burns, bruises, and sprains. It decreases swelling, clears infection, speeds tissue regeneration, and prevents scarring."

  2. ANISE HYSSOP: "Herb lovers claim it as a culinary herb, using the fresh or dried leaves in tea and crumbling the tangy flowers over fruit salad — but the wildflower books list it as a native wildflower of north-central North America."