Friday, August 27, 2010

Identifying the contents of your CSA share

lemon balm. delicious and refreshing lemon scented herb.
make tea from fresh or dried leaves.

cilantro.  add to fresh salsa, tacos, beans, and indian dishes.

dill.  yummy pickles, dilly yogurt dip or on your potatoes

hang and dry if not used immediately.

thyme.  hang and dry if not used immediately.
great for soups, stir fries, beans and baking.

rainbow chard

lacinato kale

wild kale mix

red russian kale

curly kale

french sorrel.  lemon/citrus flavor. 
great for soups, salads, fish.

purple peruvian pepper - MEDIUM HOT

jalapeño - HOT

orange thai chile - HOT. great for drying


yellow summer squash

zucchini w/ stripes!


gold medal heirloom tomato.

red chesnok garlic

sugar sweetie cherry tomato.

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